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About the Author


Chapter 1    Mysterious Origin of the Assyrians

Chapter 2    Assur and Israel – Contenders for the Birthright

Chapter 3    Assur and Nimrod in Conflict: Ancient Roots for Modern Tensions?

Chapter 4    Assyrian Migrations into Europe Proven

Chapter 5    The Hittite Empire and the Modern Assyro-Hittites

Chapter 6    Germany’s Destiny in the European Union

Chapter 7    Assyria Hidden in the Book of Revelation!

Chapter 8    The Book of Revelation and Germany

Appendix 1:    Extract from The Royals by Kitty Kelley

Appendix 2:    George Ludwig 1660 - 1727

Appendix 3    Napoleon's Dreams for an Empire in the Americas

Appendix 4    German Plans to invade Britain and America in World Wars I & II

Appendix 5    When do the Armies of Ezekiel 38 & 39 Invade Israel?

Appendix 6    List of Important Biblical References to the Assyrians

Appendix 7    Researchers who believe in Germany’s Assyrian or Hittite Origins

Appendix 8    The Khattie Tribe of NW India

Appendix 9    A Small Turkic Element in Germany?

Appendix 10    The Roman Extended Arm Salute

Appendix 11    Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire

Appendix 12    A Woman Rides the Bull Beast in the Last Days

Appendix 13    Tribulation & Day of the Lord Comparisons and Typology Table

Appendix 14    Holy Day Parallels in the Book of Revelation

Appendix 15    A Short Commentary on the Book of Nahum

Appendix 16    Modern Assyria in Bible Prophecy

Appendix 17    The Last Trump foretells the Second Exodus for Israel and Judah

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Plus 43 illustrations, charts and maps


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