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This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr Herman L Hoeh, in accordance with Rom. 12:10; 13:7; Heb 13:7; Luke 10:16; IITim 2:1-2.


My conversations with him and his support are fondly remembered. His legacy continues in the hearts and minds

of believers who will not allow the flickering flame of truth to be extinguished. So help us God.

While not believing in Bhuddism for a moment, Dr Hoeh sees some similarities, particularly in relation to how Satan is viewed in both religions. In regard to this, there are some few similarities between some Bible verses and some other religions and that is only to be expected. Including the concept of a 'golden age' at the dawn of man (which we would understand as the Garden of Eden) and even a world in upheavel in the last days of man, with a god intervening in world affairs.
So Satan has set up counterfeits with a little bit of truth thrown in to attract the innocent by weaving in a bit of historical knowledge with a few good bits here and there together with a huge amount of error. For instance, Taoism says something about treating strangers well. Confucianism teaches loyalty to country, having strong families and ensuring a good education for one's children. Buddha's mother's name was similar to Mary and he seemed to keep a sabbath etc, etc.
In the ancient Middle East the pagan religions had customs that were counterfeits to the feast days etc, etc. Let alone the great 'Christian' counterfeit since the first century. Dr Hoeh knew all this of course.
Finally, I researched the few parallels between Buddhism and the Bible many, many years ago and indeed, there are a number of books around on that these days. As well as the many false Christs that have existed as counterfeits to the true One. I began to type up a lengthy article on this back in 1995 or 1996 but never completed it - I hope to recommence that article soon, but will probably scale it back just so that I can get it out.
As HWA wrote near the end of his tremendous booklet on "Why were you born?": "Do you begin to comprehend why you were born? One religion believes that the final end result of human life is to be "nirvana" -- total extinction. How glorious is the TRUTH -- promising the very opposite extreme!" (that is how most, but not all, Buddhists view eternity!) See also http://www.answers.com/topic/nirvana
The warning is clear - Satan has his counterfeits.