Was there ever a volume 3 of the Compendium
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Was there ever a volume 3 of the Compendium?

In his May 2010 newsletter, Carl Franklin wrote:

“As an alternative I began looking at some research I had worked on beginning in 1968/69. At that time I was laying the foundation for work toward a Masters Degree. By 1971 I had completed my Masters Projects. One was titled A Dictionary of Biblical and Classical Antiquity and the other A Synchronized Chronology of the Ancient World. The chronology was eventually automated when it was converted to the computer language Fortran. The resulting program could project a synchronized chronology of the ancient world in 100-year segments on computer screens in classrooms or offices at Ambassador College. Each 100-year period could be easily adjusted and corrected as new material was researched and added to the programmed material. When I presented this material to a school authority, a “not interested” sign was immediately posted. The material was never viewed, nor was it every utilized. This was sometime in late 1969 or 1970. Oh well, such is life and the short sightedness of human beings.

“Sometime during this period of time, Dr. Gunar Freibergs and I agreed to collaborate on another project (separate from but related to my Masters work), titled The Historicity of the Old Testament. As I recall, Dr. Freibergs was teaching at Bricket Wood at that time. Few are aware that it was Dr. Freibergs’ work that constituted the basis of Volume Two of Dr. Hoeh’s Compendium of World History. Gunar passed along to me an unpublished manuscript of the research he had done on a third volume of the Compendium, but to my deep regret, that material has long since been lost."
Anyone know where I might obtain a copy of volume 3? I know that he did update volumes ! & 2 and he told me that personally over the telephone around 1997 or 1998. He said it would definitely be published.
Similarly, Raymond F McNair's manuscript on 'Key to Northwest European Origins' was updated - I am seeking a full copy of the updated version - if anyone is aware where I might obtain a copy, do let me know.