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Below are useful and interesting papers not undertaken by History Research Projects. It is my view that when a subject is well written and researched, there is little need to write on that subject.


For, what is the benefit of going over old ground that has already been explored? It may be self-serving and showing off. But adds nothing to our body of knowledge. Our corpus of knowledge must be expanded upon with more and more proofs, not rehashing someone else's writings. Today's technology makes this much too easy - it often leads to cheating and forms of plagiarism.


There are those that will cheat. They will take your ideas that they hear and prattle on, with any depth of understanding of what they say, to others. They pretend it is their thinking or ideas that they had generated.


But real research comes from pouring through libraries; analysis; critique; examining all points of view; knowing one's subject; cross-referencing; debating with others; contacting organisations and people for further insights/information etc. Such results in quality research and depth. This takes time - the misuse of modern technology bypasses this and leads to very shallow outcomes. There is no excuse for laziness. But today's generation does not seem to be interested in quality.



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Doctrinal Papers








God's Plan

Begotten Again, or Born Again, Which? by Pastor David Nield (Church of God, 7th Day; Auckland, New Zealand, 15pp)






The Decline and Fall of the Anglo-Saxon Nations Prophesied (Original text by Herbert W. Armstrong from the booklet 1975 in Prophecy - revised by HRP in 2000.)

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PDF (957KB)


Place of Safety by Leroy Neff





Place of Safety by Carn Catherwood








Church of God

The Seven Assemblies as a Whole by E W Bullinger

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PDF (68KB)

Royal Family




History of Britain