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The Nations in the World Tomorrow

The oracles against the nations are virtually ignored or glanced over. While many or most of the oracles are historical, they foreshadow or type future end-time events including the Day of the Lord; others are clearly Millennial. As we read the prophecies it becomes clear that God wants to have a relationship with all the peoples and nations of mankind – but only after they are broken and turn to Him. They will need to repent, serve Him and live in peace with each other. Then, and only then, will the Millennial blessings be provided to the nations. Download six free papers on this fascinating subject here.

Melvin Rhodes Blog

Melvin Rhodes worked for the Rhodesian government in the tribal trust lands, in the Town Clerk's Dept in Bulawayo, as a church pastor for over 35 years, office manager, writer, editor, travel organizer, tour guide, conference planner, counselor, and chairman. He has a great interest in history, geography, politics, economics and travel. His blog concentrates on world news, prophecy and political analysis. It can be accessed here.

Bert Otten map Bert Otten's Research Papers

Bert has written a number of very interesting papers on the identity of the tribes of Israel. You can access them here.

When the End Times Finally Reaches YOU!

A trilogy

Take a journey through the eyes of a father and husband who experiences the worst possible times imagineable in human history: The shocking terrors and fear of impending invasion of his nation and subsequent captivity; the living hell of the Great Tribulation and slavery; the liberation by the Messiah and his experiences of the Millennium - the Wonderful World Tomorrow!

Vividly partake of his experiences, highs and lows. Terrors, tears, hopes and dreams. Then rejoice in his salvation. Experience the end times here.

Key to Northwest European Origins now available for purchase!

by Raymond F McNair

This vitally important book by Raymond McNair will be available very soon. This book represents the intellectual masterpiece of his life's work: a thesis presented to the Graduate School Committee, Ambassador College, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Theology, in May 1963, upon which he received his degree. He is remembered as one of the greatest exponents of the "lost ten tribes of Israel" teachings, which is enjoying a resurgence, in part, due to his efforts. Further information about purchasing this book may be found here.

Raymond F McNair Collection

Raymond McNair died recently. He will always be remembered for his indepth study of the 'lost' tribes of Israel and for his kind nature toward others. He is world famous for this book on America and Britain in Prophecy. To read his literature and to listen to his audio sermons, click here.

Dr Herman L Hoeh Collection

This area of the site contains articles and manuscripts by Dr Hoeh. Many of them are rare and were collected in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many were scanned to PDF while others were retyped by some kind folk. Click here to view this valuable information. In addition the site contains sermon audios and additional information about him.

The Great German Nation. Origins & Destiny

by C White

Click HERE to learn more about this book and to order online. Over 300 pages; 8 chapters and 17 appendices; 200 references; 800 footnotes; 43 illustrations, maps and charts. Flyers for North America and Australia

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In Search of ... the Origin of Nations

by C White

Click here for detailed information about this enthralling book. Click here to order this large 8"x11", 492 page book. Includes over 700 items. in the bibliography, charts, maps, glossary, index.

Isaac's Empire by Cam Rea


Brilliant new book on the 'lost' tribes of Israel. Due for release in late September 2009. Click here for details.


Works by Mike Joseph


Check out the books and website by Mike Joseph. Click here for further information

Message Week Website

Answering the most important questions for humans! Click here to access the site

Coming - a fascistic United States of Europe

We are only now beginning to see glimpses of it as left and right anti-Americanism merge into a new European philosophy. Currently liberals hold sway within the EU. The day will come when fascists will gain control of the EU and turn its immense wealth and technology against America. See these chilling video clips here Our peoples must be warned, as required by the Ezekiel Warning Message doctrine (Ezekiel 33:6)

The Spirit of AntiChrist

Spirit of Antichrist by Alan Knight is the second volume in a series from ARK Research. The first volume, Primitive Christianity in Crisis, presented the history of a great heresy in the first century church, namely Gnostic Christianity, and the survival of Gnostic theology today in Protestantism. Click here for the order form and here for detailed information.

The Races of Europe

This famous book by Carlton Coon on the various nations and peoples of Europe is now free for download. Go here to download this large book of 739 pages, published in 1939.

Resurgent Germany: A Fourth Reich?

As the German nation moves to the forefront of European politics, many are wondering whether history will soon repeat itself. The pages of history and your Bible agree on the answer! Read this excellent article by Dr Doug Winnail here.

Free Literature available from History Research Projects!

There is no cost and no obligation. These articles, studies and papers are on a range of Biblical and historical topics which we are sure will fascinate you. Click here for a brochure of History Research publications and click here to go to the free literature downloads.

British Empire Video Clips

Free video clips to view and download on YouTube. Click here.

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Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright

by J. H. Allen - free!

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Rare and old theses and research papers online


The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy

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Elizabeth II on the Throne of David and Solomon 

by Prof M S Megalommitis

Key to NW European Origins completed!

by R F McNair

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