Statement by Yair Davidy

What happened to the northern Ten Tribes of Israel once they were taken into captivity by the Assyrians? That is just what Kendallville, Indiana resident and student of Indiana-Purdue University of Fort Wayne, Cam Rea addresses. In his first book 'The Assyrian Exile: Israel's Legacy in Captivity', set to be released by, Cam Rea researches into where the Israelites were taken, who they were during the exile, and what happened to them during the decline and after the fall of Assyria. Brit-Am director Yair Davidiy had this to say about the book:

“Cam Rea describes the Assyrian Conquest of the Northern Israelite Tribes and their subsequent history alongside that of Assyria itself. The account is historically accurate as well as exciting. Cam Rea has the ability to bring the past to life. This work encompasses original research work and pertinent insights. Anyone who wishes to know what happened to the Ten Tribes of Northern Israel after their exile should read this work. The reader will both benefit and enjoy doing so.

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Yair Davidiy
POB 595
Jerusalem 91004
Author, World expert on The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 6
2. Rebirth of Assyria 7
2.1. Assyrian aggression 8
2.2. PUL? 10
2.3. Assyrian Expansion 12
2.4. Western union the best way to get paid 15
2.5. Damascus 22
2.6. To the Coast! 24
2.7. Quick bit 25
2.8. Event Horizon! 27
2.9. No Battles? 32
3. Hoshea, the last King of Israel 34
4. Deportation and Relocation 45
4.1. Who were the Medes? 49
4.2. Settling in 52
4.3. Slavery 55
4.4. Could the Israelites bare arms? 55
4.5. Could the Israelites master the horse? 57
4.6. Names 60
5. Who are the Cimmerians? 64
5.1. Who were the Ishkuza? 68
5.2. The role of Hosea 70
5.3. Location of the Cimmerians 71
5.4. Invasion of Urartu 78
5.5. Phrygia, Assyria, and the Cimmerian Rebellion 80
6. Sennacherib 85
7. Esarhaddon, Cimmerians, and the New Threat 90
7.1. Kastariti 103
7.2. Esarhaddon's Palace 118
7.3. Conclusion to Esarhaddon 119
8. Ashurbanipal and the revealing 121
8.1. Dugdammi, King of the World 127
8.2. Madya 144
8.3. Cyaxares and the Scythians 145
9. The Decline of Assyria 149
9.1. Nabopolassar 152
9.2. Josiah and Psammetichus 153
9.3. Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city 160
9.4. The Fall of Nineveh Chronicle 167
9.5. Aftermath 172
10. Final Thoughts 177



Approbation by Yair Davidiy, Director of Brit-Am, Jerusalem, Israel

Cam Rea has written "Isaac's Empire. Ancient Persia's Forgotten Identity". We have corresponded with Cam for quite some time and benefited from his insights and instinctive appreciation of historical reality.

In our work, "The Tribes. The Israelite Origins of Western Peoples" (1993, 2004) we traced exiled Israelite Tribes to groups amongst the Cimmerians and Scythians as well as to other entities within the Median and Persian domain. We noticed Scythian and other groups in areas where traditions related the Lost Ten Tribes were to be found. The Bible itself says that the Israelites were re-settled in the Cities of the Medes (2-Kings 17:6). Entities int he said areas in several cases had names that confirmed their Israelites origins: The Pasargadie have a name meaning "Sons of Gad", the Dangali meaning Dan of the Galilee, the Iskiguli meaning the Exiled of Isaac, the Asarkati for Issachar, and so on. Cam Rea has taken these identifications a step further, added others of his own. He has found evidence of Israelite origins in the names of Persian tribes, rulers, and officials. No-one is saying that the Ancient Persians were Hebrews. On the contrary. What is being said is that in the area at that time were important Israelite groups. Later the Israelites moved out of the region going to the north and westward. They have little or no relation to the present-day Iranians and only a tenuous one with the bulk of the Ancient Persians.

We do not necessarily agree with Cam Rea on every point but we still recommend his work. Cam Rea writes very well. He has done valid research. His observations are all worth considering. In the course of his narrative he gives an outline of the historical background of great value. The majority of the Israelites were exiled. They were taken into northern regions of the Assyrian Realm which area later became the Persian-Median Empire. Israelites were there. This is an important subject. It is worth knowing about. Cam Rea has prepared a work that prepares the reader towards a study of this matter and its historical background. Yair Davidiy, Director of Brit-Am, Jerusalem, Israel".

Approbation by Yair Davidiy                                                IX
1. Introduction                                                                         1
2. The Assyrian Exile A Short Introduction                            3
3. Kings of the Umman Manda                                               6
     3.1 Cyaxares                                                                       6
     3.2 Astyages                                                                      12
4. The Early Persian Kings                                                     17
     4.1 Achaemenes                                                                 17
     4.2 Teispes of Anshan                                                       19
     4.3 Cyrus I of Anshan                                                        23
     4.4 Cambyses I of Anshan                                                 25
     4.5 Cyrus the Great                                                            27
     4.6 The armies of Cyrus the Great                                      29
     4.7 Cyrus and the West                                                      34
     4.8 Cyrus’ Eastern and Babylonian Campaigns                 36
     4.9 Cyrus Frees the Jews!                                                  40
     4.10 Slavery                                                                       44
     4.11 Cyrus’ Last Campaign                                               45
     4.12 The Generals of Cyrus                                               47
     4.13 Cambyses II                                                               50
5. Darius the Great                                                                  54
     5.1 Rebellion                                                                     56
     5.2 The term Saka in Persian use                                       61
     5.3 Kin verse kin                                                               65
     5.4 Darius’s Genealogy                                                     67
     5.5 Death, Wives, and children of Darius                         73
     5.6 Xerxes, Artaxeres I, II, and Sogdianus                       74
     5.7 A verdict on the Medio-Persian kings                         75
6. Ancient Persia and the Saka People                                   76
     6.1 Darius’ Behistun Inscription                                        76
     6.2 Satrap, a Short Introduction                                        81
     6.3 Israel found in the Persian provinces                          82
     6.4 Persia                                                                          82
     6.5 Media                                                                          85
     6.6 Armenia                                                                      87
     6.7 Makrones                                                                    88
     6.8 Cappadocia                                                                 88
     6.9 Parthia                                                                         89
     6.10 Hyrcania                                                                   90
     6.11 Drangiana                                                                 91
     6.12 Aria                                                                          92
     6.13 Chorasmia                                                                93
     6.14 Bactria                                                                      94
     6.15 Sogdiana                                                                  95
     6.16 Gandhara                                                                 96
     6.17 Saka                                                                         97
     6.18 Sattagydia                                                                99
     6.19 Arachosia                                                                 99
     6.20 Makran                                                                     99
     6.21 Margiana                                                                100
7. A verdict on the Medio-Persian provincial Identity         102
8. Conclusion                                                                      104
9. Endnotes                                                                         106
10. Bibliography                                                                 118
11. Index                                                                             128