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Many years have been spent researching the origin of the world’s tribes, peoples and races - the family of nations - based on the mysterious Table of Nations found in Genesis chapter ten. Piecing together and tediously assembling the many parts of the puzzle, the strands of information and the bits of data required for an exercise such as this has not been easy for this writer/researcher.

Using a data-gathering and deductive reasoning formula, I have pored through hundreds of books, journals and articles to assemble a work which is moderate in size but huge in scope. Basing the book on the requirement for biology, genetics and physical anthropology as the chief criteria to ascertain which nations may be identified with the peoples mentioned throughout the Bible, I found that modern racial taxonomy and classification was very close to the Biblical model found in Genesis 10.

Genesis 10 has often been overlooked by modern scholars. Many Bible scholars from previous centuries, have had a fascination with it, but gradually with the advent of humanism and the anti-literal interpretation of scripture, interest in this chapter as the basis for the origin of nations has receded to become almost a taboo subject.

In the 18th century Sir William Jones and J Bryant wrote on the subject. But the interest in this chapter of God’s Word peaking late 19th century with academics such as Rawlinson famous for his Origin of Nations (1878) and Sayce in such books as Races of the Old Testament (1891; 1925). Both showed an intense interest in this key topic. Famous Seventh-day Adventist scholar, Alonzo T Jones also authored two works on the subject: The Peopling of the Earth (1887) and The Empires of the Bible (vol 1) (1904). He was obviously inspired by contemporary writers; in turn, others in the twentieth century were inspired by his writings.

Authors such as Dr Herman L Hoeh, Arthur C Custance, Dr D J Wiseman, Dr John Pilkey, Bill Cooper, J Simon and, of course, Ross Marshall of Project Genesis Ten, have continued the research and study of this fascinating science. Dr Hoeh in particular has demonstrated that history, ancient tradition and authenticised lists of kings assist in tracing various peoples around the world.

Much of the corpus of Genesis 10 research in literature which has been extant for a considerable period of time generally, in my estimation, remained inadequate while large chunks of information had never been written up or explored in much detail.

My focus is primarily historical and anthropological, attempting to find all scraps of evidence, digest them, and then produce a synthesis of all the major finds (while omitting many other minor proofs so as not to overwhelm the reader or clutter up the book).

Since my spiritual awakening in late 1972, I have developed a powerful curiosity about the national origins of all peoples. It became apparent to me that, while some have included the identity of Israel in their theology and literature, almost nothing was said or published about the other peoples and races. It was a pity that this area of identity was not included in overall teachings about God's plan for humanity. In Search of... the Origin of Nations aims to correct this imbalance.

- C M White

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