1999 Seminar
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Origins of Nations - Public Lectures held 1999

 Public Lectures by David Lewis Ph.D. and Melvin Rhodes

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Who are the Lost Ten Tribes?

Some very exotic people and locations have been wrongly associated with those Israelites who were taken captive or who fled their homes in advance of the Assyrian conquest of Israel in 723 BC.

Where are they?

Many historians and scholars are beginning to uncover the remarkable trails left by these “lost’ Israelites and have been amazed at their past and continuing contributions to world history.

How can I know?

You are invited to attend a series of FREE public lectures to hear two eminent international speakers from the USA, Dr. David Lewis and Melvin Rhodes, describe the continuing profound impact on world history of these “lost’ peoples.

A significant new and insightful full-colour booklet, The Lost 10 Tribes in Prophecy, has been prepared and should be available at the lectures. This booklet is based on materials produced by Rick Sherrod, Ph.D., who delivered a lecture series in Australia last year on this subject.

Places and Dates

Admission is free to all sessions. Literature will be made available, at no charge also.
Note: each presentation covers a different topic.

 City Presenter Dates Time Venue

 BRISBANE David Lewis June 26 (Saturday) 1:00 PM Auditorium, Queensland Cultural Centre
South Brisbane
  Melvin Rhodes July 12 (Monday)
July 13 (Tuesday)
7:30 PM
each night
Springwood Community Centre
cnr Vanessa Blvd and Cinderella Drive

 SYDNEY Both July 3 (Saturday) 2:00 PM Auditorium, Burwood RSL
Shaftesbury Road
Burwood (both lectures)
  July 4 (Sunday) 10:30 AM,
2:00 PM

 MELBOURNE Both July 10 (Saturday) 7:30 PM Box Hill Community Arts Centre
Station & Combarton Streets
Box Hill
  July 11 (Sunday) 10:30 AM, 2:00 PM Windsor Room, Elizabethan Lodge
604 Middleborough Road
North Blackburn


David Lewis

July 18 (Sunday)

11:00 AM, 12:00 PM,
1:30 PM, 3:30 PM

(4 lectures, all different)

Ferndale House
cnr New North Road and Alexis Avenue
Mount Albert

Dr Lewis’ Lecture Topics:

The Call, Purpose and History of Israel up to the captivity.

The migrations of Israel from the captivity to N.W. Europe.
— dissects the theories of the skeptics and presents new and credible evidence.

The promises to the patriarchs.
— how they are the key to the rise and fall of the Arabs, Spain, France, and, finally the US and British Commonwealth. Identifies the current locations of the twelve tribes.

Jacob's Trouble.
— looks at the past century and gives particular attention to WWII as a partial fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Also looks at current affairs including the division in the US.

Mr Rhodes’ Lecture Topics:

Daniel 7: an overview of world history

The Multitude of Nations — the free world’s first line of defence

Decolonisation and its consequences

European unity: past and present

Curriculum Vitae of David Lewis

Born in Albany NY in 1949, grew up in upstate NY. Lived in Canada between 1971 and 1997.

B.A. in history from the University at Albany.
M.A.(1977) at the University of Western Ontario; Ph.D.(1996) at the University of Toronto. Doctoral dissertation supervised by Professor Michael Marrus, now dean of Graduate Studies at University of Toronto, and a world-renowned expert on WWII and 20th century Europe. Dissertation focused on idea of a united Europe in Nazi and fascist propaganda during World War II. In 1990-1991 spent seven months researching the thesis in France, Germany and Belgium. Over the last 30 years has studied the history of the English-speaking and other peoples extensively from the perspective of biblical prophecy.

Has lectured and assisted in Canadian universities for almost a decade in courses on 19th and 20th century European, French, German and US History.

* Co-author of an article on Business in Ancient Assyria for Management International Review.
* Article entitled “The Return of Charlemagne” published in 1998 by Florilegium, the Canadian medieval studies journal, dealing with the theme of the Holy Roman Empire and other medieval concepts in current European politics.
* Co-author of a book entitled The Birth of the Multinational to be published in May, 1999 by Copenhagen Business Press, tracing the development of business enterprise from the time of Abraham to the 1st century BC.

Curriculum Vitae of Melvin Rhodes

Melvin Rhodes grew up in England, spent much of his adult life in Africa, including Ghana, and has lived in the United States since 1990. He has dual British and US citizenship. He is a 1974 graduate of Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, England.

Ordained an elder in 1978, Mr Rhodes has had over twenty years’ pastoral experience. He has had a lifetime’s interest in history and international relations and writes frequently on these subjects for The Good News magazine and World News and Prophecy, for which he is Senior Editor. He also writes a monthly column for the independent newspaper, The Journal. Additionally, he has appeared regularly on religious television programmes shown throughout the United States.

Melvin married his Michigan-born wife Diane in 1975. They have three children: Alexandra, Kurt and Pallas.

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